Three Incredibly Valuable Things A Fire Protection Engineer Can Offer Your Business During A Consultation

For most business owners, the threat of a fire in their place of business is a terrifying thought and they will go to great lengths to make sure the property is protected and outfitted for such an emergency. However, beyond the basic fire alarms and sprinkler systems that can be installed by a contractor, there is one professional you should bring in for a consultation that will offer valuable insight: a fire protection engineer. If you have never had a consultation from a fire protection engineer at your business, you should know learn more about the following. 

Learn how efficient your fire monitoring system will be during a fire. 

The fire monitoring system in your place of business is designed to detect the presence of a fire so all employees inside will be properly warned via alarms and automatic fire suppression with sprinkler systems that can be triggered to initiate. A fire protection engineer will give you a detailed analysis of how well this system performs and whether there are upgrades or changes you can implement that will better serve your place of business. For example, if they assess your system and find that the noise level in the building is too great for the alarm to be heard in every area, they will help you find a solution for a louder system. 

Find out how at risk you are of seeing a fire break out. 

Every type of business is different, consisting of different daily practices, machinery and equipment, and locations. All of these factors go into determining the fire risk of your business property. Knowing how great of a risk there is of a fire occurring helps you plan and implement the appropriate protection into the building as well as properly train your employees on what to do. 

Get familiar with the chemical and material composition of the building and what it would mean in a fire. 

A fire protection engineer goes through training and courses in many different areas, one of which is chemical and material reaction to flames and heat. When you receive a consultation from a fire protection engineer, they can look at the structure and architectural layout of your building and give you a good idea of how quickly a fire would spread, which areas would burn hotter, and even in what direction a fire would be likely to travel. 

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