Managing Your Workforce: Four Tips

Hiring people is only the first step in employee management. In order for your business to move along smoothly and continue to grow, you'll need to pay close attention to the management of the people on your payroll and your relationship with them. These four tips can assist you in caring for and managing your workforce.

Offer Career Training

As time goes on, it's prudent to offer some career training for the people who work for you. Whether you pay for part or all of the cost for outside career-related programs or hold seminars and classes internally, career training is good for both the employee and your business. More knowledge will help them perform better for you, and when they're ready to move on, they can transfer those skills to a new position.

Get Feedback

Because you're the boss, everyone listens to what you have to say. However, if you want to show that you care about the people who work for you, it's vital that you ask them for feedback periodically about how things are going. You may or may not go ahead and take their suggestions, but knowing that they're being heard can go a long way to building a strong relationship with your employees.

Encourage Employee Self-Evaluation

Yearly employee reviews are a standard process for many companies, and they can be a great way of giving workers an idea of how they're performing from the point of view of their managers. However, it's also a good idea to ask that your employees do a self-evaluation when it's time for that review. A self-evaluation can offer insight into the employee's state of mind and could identify areas of strength that they feel are not being fully utilized or other issues that might be going unnoticed by supervisors. The self-evaluation and the yearly review can provide a fuller picture of how someone is performing in your company.

Provide Discrimination and Harassment Training for Managers

If your company is committed to hiring a diverse workforce, it is essential that managers know relevant legal rules and guidelines about harassment and discrimination.That way, they can avoid making others uncomfortable and can more adequately monitor the workers they supervise so that no one runs afoul of good taste or the law. This type of training can make the entire company a more tolerant and comfortable place for everyone involved.

Utilizing these suggestions can strengthen your business overall. Talk with local human resources consulting firms, such as Law and Management Resource Center, for additional pointers and a professional assessment of your business so that you're sure that you're serving employees well.