Why Writing Your Own Resume Is Not The Best Idea

Most people attempt to write their own resumes based on online templates. Sometimes this works out okay, but it never looks quite professional. You also have to look at your resume in the way that a potential employer would view it. For that reason, it is not the best idea to write your own resume. Here are some reasons why.

You Should Never Have More Than One Page

Most people who do their own resumes are shocked to discover that potential employers will not even look at a resume that is more than a page long. Sure, you want the interviewer to see all of the really good stuff you have done, but if you fill out even a paragraph on a second page, your resume is trash. There are many employers who have admitted that a two+ page resume is a waste of their time, and they write off candidates who do that. Hiring resume writing services can make your resume much more concise, and limit it to one page.

If It Does Not Apply to the Job, Do Not Put It on the Resume

This is one of those "between a rock and a hard place" situations. You cannot leave blanks in employment history, yet you cannot put unrelated job experiences on your resume either. In truth, you may have as many as five different resumes based on the content of your job history and its applications for the job to which you are applying. One resume is NOT a one-size-fits-all job application. 

Lines Need to Be Short

The problem with writing your own resume is that you probably write longer phrases. Potential employers want to be able to scan the resume and see specific details, not your life story. This is really hard, especially if you are not used to writing like this. The rule of thumb is that no phrase on your resume should be longer than five to seven words. Anything longer will be ignored or junked.

Numbered and Bulleted Lists Should Not Be Ignored

It also helps to use bulleted lists when talking about job duties or personal traits, if there is room on your single-sheet resume. The lists draw attention to things you want your interviewer to know. As long as the phrases next to the bullets or numbers are brief and easy to scan, they are an effective tool for getting your resume noticed. If you are really stuck or you just cannot write a resume, there are more than enough businesses and writers out there who can help.

There are many resume writing services that can help you with what you need.