A Look At The Requirements To Become An Accredited Behavioral Health Care Facility

Whether you are an addiction treatment specialist who is working to build a new rehabilitation facility or a doctor who specializes in care for patients with autism, getting accredited by the Joint Commission is important. This accreditation tells prospective patients that your facility meets certain standards and is a trustworthy place to obtain treatment. Gaining your accreditation from the Joint Commission can be a trying thing, but there are consulting services who specifically specialize in help healthcare facilities get through the process. Take a look at some of the requirements that will have to be met to become an accredited behavioral health care facility. 

Services are provided in a quality way according to industry standards. 

The primary thing the Joint Commission will be looking at when they begin the accreditation process is the manner your facility operates compared to industry standards. Each niche of the healthcare industry has a certain level of standards of care that are to be followed and what is expected of that facility. If your facility is not operating to those standards, there may have to be certain changes made to how you operate before you can gain the accreditation you want. 

Services are provided in a safe environment with minimal risks. 

Safety is a huge component of being an accredited care facility. Multiple facets of your behavioral care facility will be assessed to ensure safe practices are followed with all levels of care and operation. Not only should the facility be deemed safe for the patients who come to you for care, but it also should be a safe environment for the people who work in the facility. For instance, a behavioral care facility that does not have safety protocols in place for emergency situations like a fire in the building would not be able to gain their accreditation.  

Services are provided by well-trained staff members at the facility. 

One thing the Joint Commission will look at when you go through the process of gaining accreditation is what level of experience and training staff members have when they are brought in as caregivers. For example, if you only hire hourly associates in a care home for the mentally ill, the training process these staff members go through before they are allowed to provide care on their own will be examined. 

Overall, gaining your accreditation as a behavioral healthcare facility will make all the difference in your success. Reach out to Joint Commission accreditation consulting firms like Diogi Health and Wellness for help.