When Should An Organization Pay For Leadership Consulting?

Management and leadership consulting have become commonly used services in the world of businesses and non-profit organizations. You may not be sure, however, when the right time to engage in leadership consulting services is. Here are 5 situations where you might want to ask a third party for help with leadership issues.

Starting Up

The startup phase for a business can be hectic, and it often creates odd circumstances for leadership. Initial members of the startup team are often friendly with each other in a way that can undermine management efforts. This may work great when the business needs to be lean and mean, but it can create trouble during the initial growth phase.

A consultant can help you transition from a scrappy startup into an organized operation. Not only will this help you to manage team members, but it can make the company's public face more presentable and professionals.


Few scenarios represent as difficult of a challenge as restructuring an organization. Especially if a business is undergoing changes driven by shifts in its industry, this can create trouble.

A management and leadership consulting firm can help you assess which roles should be retained. Likewise, they can determine whether new roles are necessary.

Acquisition or Merger

This can seem like another form of restructuring, but there's a major difference. Within a restructuring business, most stakeholders have established trust with their leaders. Conversely, bringing in new leaders, team members, and cultures is likely to pose problems. It's important to engender trust in these relationships while also asserting new authority. That's a delicate balancing act, and it can be helpful to have a professional guide you through the shift.

Downsizing or Bankruptcy

Tightening up an operation due to financial constraints is a major test of leadership. Not only do you have to find ways to run the business in a leaner fashion, but you have to make the necessity of the changes apparent.

It's important that team members know that one major shift in leadership is all they will see. This means taking a deliberative approach to ensure you don't end up making many little changes. Otherwise, you might erode morale and convince stakeholders that the company is experiencing a slow death.


Even the strongest companies can run aground of controversies. Whether they are PR nightmares or legal threats, leadership will be front and center. A leadership consulting firm can help you to think about management goals as you navigate the process.