Addressing Common Myths Regarding Pre-Employment Personality Tests

Companies have been prompted to develop various methods of streamlining the hiring process. Relevant departments are often scrutinizing applications of equally highly qualified candidates for a limited number of positions. Companies have introduced means such as the DISC personality profile test to select a candidate that will handle the pressure from the nature of the work, the demands of the work, and the personalities of other employees. While DISC personality profile tests enhance the accuracy and effectiveness of any hiring process, there are a few misconceptions about their efficacy. Some common misconceptions are addressed below:

Myth #1: Pre-Employment Aptitude Tests Eliminate Good Candidates

While pre-employment aptitude tests eliminate candidates based on a set score, a candidate's DISC personality profile test is not different from other hiring criteria such as a resume. Disqualifying candidates based on their resume carries the same risk of eliminating a good candidate with a bad resume. Further, even the interviewing process involving a panel carries the same risk owing to inherent biases. Therefore, DISC personality profile tests give a new perspective through which a company can assess candidates and increase the accuracy of the hiring process. Additionally, the pre-employment assessment allows a company to highlight good candidates with high potential that a company may ignore in a typical hiring process.  

Myth #2: Pre-Employment Assessment Lengthens the Hiring Process

Some companies fear that adding an extra step in the hiring process may discourage applicants who dread a lengthy and rigorous hiring process. Therefore, a top candidate who does not want to subject themselves to a daunting hiring process may opt not to apply. While the fear of missing out on potential candidates may be reasonable, it is not true that pre-employment assessment lengthens the hiring process. In truth, DISC personality profile tests hasten the hiring process by identifying the best candidates before the interview process starts. Pre-employment assessment tests are administered at the beginning of the hiring process, helping a company select only candidates with a realistic chance of success.

Myth #3: Pre-Employment Assessment Exposes a Company to Legal Liability

The belief that if a company relies on an employee's DISC personality profile test to judge their fitness for a job increases legal risk is flawed. According to the Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection Procedures (UGESP), employers have a right to use pre-employment assessment tests, provided the tests are job-related. DISC personality profile tests are just another hiring criteria recognized under the law, and as such, do not increase legal risk. Using a DISC personality profile test in a company's hiring process may be used to shield a company against an anti-discrimination lawsuit because the test is objective.

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