New Doctors: Should You Join A Telehealth Network Provider?

If many of your patients can't come to your new medical office or clinic because of work, Covid-19 concerns, or child care problems, you may reduce your hours to cope with the financial loss of in-house visits. You may even fear losing your practice altogether. You can save your medical practice and treat patients by becoming a telehealth network provider. Learn more about telehealth and how you can become a network provider below.

What Is Telehealth and How Does It Benefit Patients?

A telehealth network, also known as virtual care and telemedicine, allows physicians, nurses, and other medical entities to treat patients remotely or out of the office. The network makes it easier for you and your staff to do things online or by phone you may not have the ability to do right now, including:

  • schedule annual checkups, child well-care visits, and follow-up appointments with your patients 
  • refer your patients to other doctors for care
  • prescribe medications to your patients  

Your patients also benefit from using telehealth services. Your patients can:

  • speak to you and your staff privately about their health concerns
  • obtain emergency prescriptions to maintain their health
  • access and update their medical records and treatment information through an online patient portal

If you'd like to become a provider and receive the benefits above, take action today.

What Telehealth Network Provider Should You Join?

Before you join a telehealth network provider for doctors, you'll need to choose a network service that works best for your practice. The telehealth network you join may depend on the type of medical services you provide in your office.

For example, if you provide care to patients who use heart monitors and other devices, you want to join a telehealth network that allows you to monitor your patients' devices remotely. The network will allow you to connect your patients' devices directly to your telehealth website. If something goes wrong with your patients' devices or health, the site will alert you about it right away. 

You may also choose to use a telehealth network provider service that allows you to:

  • send appointment reminders to your patients
  • relay information about upcoming medical events and services to patients
  • create and send informative emails and text messages to your patients

After you compile a list of things your medical practice needs to do for patients, contact a telehealth network provider consultant for further assistance. A consultant can help you add telehealth services to your medical practice's website. If you need to add any other services to your site, a consultant can help you do so.

You can learn more info about telehealth and how to get started by contacting a consultant today.