Tips For Your First Liquor License Application

You've opened your first bar, restaurant, tavern, or other business and you are working hard to create loyal customers who will come back for more. One of the best ways to supercharge your profits and growth would be to obtain your liquor license so you can sell alcohol and reap the high profits that often come from selling beer, wine, or mixed drinks. But in order to do this, you will first need to obtain your liquor license, and that's not as easy as adding any other item to your menu. Here are some tips to keep in mind before proceeding with your liquor license application.

Research What the Alcohol Beverage Control Board Requires in Your Specific State

When it comes to liquor licenses, every state has its own process and application. While there may be some similarities from state to state, it's still a good idea to look up the policies of your specific state's control board. This will give you an idea of the documentation you need and how long the process might take for your specific state.

Understand What Type of License Your Specific Business Needs for Operation

When you receive your license, it's not going to just literally say "liquor license" on it and that's that. You will likely have your business classified in one or more ways. First, you might have to declare whether your business is serving alcohol on-site or if you are selling alcohol that people can take off-site. As an example, a restaurant might need both types of licenses if they intend to pour beer and wine at the table but also offer six packs of beer in a freezer near the checkout. There may be exceptions, but on-site is for liquor that will be consumed on the premises, and off-site is for alcohol that will remain sealed and not opened until it's taken home by the customer.

Another difference in classification might be as to what specific type of business you run. A restaurant will have different requirements than a bar or a tavern and so on.

Hire an Expert to Review Your Application and Inspect Your Business Before a State Official Shows Up

For best results when sending in a liquor license, hire an expert who already understands the process to help you put the application together. This expert can find mistakes that might get your application delayed or denied. They may also be able to tour your business and look for signs of trouble that you can fix before a state official shows up to view your place.

Check out this site or liquor licensing services in your area for more information.