Why Your Small Business Needs To Start Doing Pre-Employment Background Checks

Is your small business growing? Are you getting more and more applications for every open position? While you will likely continue to do some legwork yourself on potential hires, there is one way to streamline this process while also providing additional protection for your small business. Here's why you might want to partner with a firm that provides pre-employment background checks for companies like yours.

No Surprises

If someone is not telling the complete truth on their resume, you want to find that out before you hire them and not after. Bringing someone in-house only to find out that they are not as fully capable as they said they were could set your business back. When you do a thorough background check on someone's resume and references, you can confirm that you will be getting exactly what you want.

Thin a Competitive Process

Are there a lot of applications for a specific position? Do you have multiple resumes that look good to you? Background checks after an interview can help thin the herd and help you zero in on the right candidate for the job. A background check company may be able to talk to multiple people involved with the person's previous employment and really dig deep into their accomplishments. You may find out new information that could cause you to eliminate someone from consideration or put one candidate over the top.

Protect Your Small Business and Employees

When you are bringing in new blood to your business, you want to make sure you are hiring good people. The last thing you need is to bring in someone who might put your business at risk in some way. You can make sure you will not hire someone with a history of theft or violence, for example, by using a background check firm to check records that you might not have easy access to on your own. By doing some due diligence before making a hire, you can also avoid any liability from a negligent hire claim by demonstrating that you did your very best to verify the person's background.

Ensure Proper Licensing or Compliance

Do you work within an industry where you have to have a specific license or meet strict regulations in order to comply with the law or regulatory policies? A background check firm can make sure all of the paperwork is in order and up to date on any potential hire before you allow them into your firm.

For more information on pre-employment background checks, contact a professional near you.