What Is A Firestop Inspection Like?

When you have a third party firestop inspector visit a building, they look at many potential issues. Customers need to understand what a firestop inspection is likely to include, and here are four things they can expect a professional to do. The Goal of the Inspection Firestops are systems within buildings that serve to halt or at least delay the spread of fires. Walls and floors are the most logical places for the stops to be. Read More 

Navigating International Trade Post-Lockdown

Despite the economic effects of lockdowns across the world, commerce is still happening and will continue to be a driving force. Shipping and trade won't end completely, but you'll have to adjust to new regulations. It can be really confusing to try to understand every single change, but your company is going to have to stay on top of all the requirements. Tariff Changes The past few years have seen more than their share of trade disputes and tariffs, and the post-lockdown economy will likely force changes on existing agreements to help get trade moving again. Read More 

3 Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make When Applying For A Liquor License

If you are getting ready to open up a bar of your own, or if you are hoping to start selling liquor at your existing restaurant or other business, then you will probably need to apply for a liquor license. Many people make mistakes when applying for or receiving their liquor licenses, but you probably want to avoid these common mistakes if you want to help ensure that you get and keep the liquor license for your business. Read More 

A Look At The Requirements To Become An Accredited Behavioral Health Care Facility

Whether you are an addiction treatment specialist who is working to build a new rehabilitation facility or a doctor who specializes in care for patients with autism, getting accredited by the Joint Commission is important. This accreditation tells prospective patients that your facility meets certain standards and is a trustworthy place to obtain treatment. Gaining your accreditation from the Joint Commission can be a trying thing, but there are consulting services who specifically specialize in help healthcare facilities get through the process. Read More 

Why Writing Your Own Resume Is Not The Best Idea

Most people attempt to write their own resumes based on online templates. Sometimes this works out okay, but it never looks quite professional. You also have to look at your resume in the way that a potential employer would view it. For that reason, it is not the best idea to write your own resume. Here are some reasons why. You Should Never Have More Than One Page Most people who do their own resumes are shocked to discover that potential employers will not even look at a resume that is more than a page long. Read More